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    Talking dev versses borland

    i was using dev c/c++ and i needed a file called system.h but dev didnt have it so now im swithing to borland but it doesnt have an editor. so how can i creat progz if it doesnt have an editor.. sorry im new to all of this and im trying hard to learn.. thanx

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    use both

    Since Dev-C++ has (in my opinion) the best source code editor of any IDE, you can use it for your editor, and compile with borland. You can write batch files to save time with the borland command line compiler.

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    well im new to this but i have downloaded borland 5.1 and it has an editor but the thing that i am trying to do is find a file called system.h so i can execute a file from my comp.... for example.....
    i want to creat a prog that if i click on it then it will open blah.exe or blah.txt.... do you know the commands for this? how can i do this..... thanx

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