Thread: Doubt on Linked lists and doubly LL!

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    Doubt on Linked lists and doubly LL!

    hello all,

    I have problem with linked lists.
    In calling functions(add,delete) using single pointer parameter(ie. add(struct node *p,char value)).

    .please, any one give me an idea and example program to do clearly understand both single and doubly LL concepts.

    pls, help me.
    Thanks in advance.


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    I have problem
    Og understand. Og have problem too.

    If you understand pointers, linked lists should come with a "Oh! That does make sense!". If they didn't:
    Linked lists are merely lists where, instead of allocating the entire list at a time (like arrays), you allocate memory for each item at a time. Since these items are going to be in random locations in memory, they have to be "linked" together: In a singly linked list, each item knows where the next item is, and in a doubly linked list they know where the next and previous item is.

    A singly linked list remembers where the next item is via a pointer to it, like such:
    struct listitem
      int data;
      char moredata[20];
      struct listitem *next_item;
    To keep track of the list as a whole, all you need is a pointer to the first item. For the last item, next_item would be NULL.

    Any specifics that confuse you? You can Google "linked list" for some info...
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