Thread: sscanf with doubles

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    sscanf with doubles

    hi, im outputting doubles to a file so i can read them later for processing

    	double sentpacktime=0.0;
    	double recvpacktime=0.0;
    	printf("\nScanning: %s\n",fileOutBuf);
    	sscanf(fileOutBuf,"%d %f %f %d", &recvpackid, &sentpacktime, &recvpacktime, &packSize);
    	printf("%d %f %f %d\n\n", recvpackid, sentpacktime, recvpacktime, packSize);
    here's thr output i get:
    Scanning: 14 1151496935.061920 1151496935.062168 1500
    14 0.000000 0.000000 1500
    why are the doubles not set properly? thanks

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    %f is for float
    %lf is for double

    Consult your local man page, or search engine, or search button, since I suspect this keeps getting asked...

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