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    Help With Exploit Code


    I am aware that my shellcode will not work, however that isn't my problem (at the current moment.)

    Why isn't system even running file.exe? I have spent ages on this, and yes the file is in the right place.

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    What is that crap?

    If you are attempting to do assembly with all those hex values, there is a better way. Just inline it. This is not BASIC where you have to put the assembly opcodes into a text string and then do a CALL ABSOLUTE to it or use VARPTR.

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    You might want to research shellcode (maybe on wikipedia)

    Because that's how it's done. As I said, I wasn't asking for help with that. I just need my file executed.

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    Since you're on Windows, try this instead:

    SHELLEXECUTEINFO info = { 0 };

    info.cbSize = sizeof(info);
    info.lpVerb = "open";
    info.lpFile = "c:\\file.exe";
    info.lpParameters = hellcode;
    info.nShow = SW_SHOW;


    Also, you can optimize your shellcode development by using naked functions and inline assembly, the only catch is that it changes the harness a little bit so at the end of the ASM you need to put something that generates a null, then you can just strlen your exploit like so (MSVC++):

    __declspec(naked) void hellcode(void) {
       __asm {
         //all your asm are belong to here
         _emit 00
    Of course, the only catch is that it may be tough/tiring to concatenate things like raw bytes to it, but you can just end the __asm block and start a new one if that kind of need arises. This is kind of a tangent but I figure it's something worth mentioning since we're on the subject.
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    Because that's how it's done.
    I highly doubt it.

    From the looks of it, file.exe will take the parameters and emit them as is into the code stream and/or stick them somewhere in memory and perform a jump to that address.

    Either way I don't like the code or it's intent.

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    Read the forum rules!!!
    We don't tolerate that kind of crap here.
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