Thread: Assembly in C code?

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    Hmm let's see....Java or AT&T syntax.

    Damn, I think in this case Java might actually win.

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    AT&T syntax is:
    instruction src,dst
    intel is
    instruction dst,src

    Also under at&t:
    Not all instructions are backwards (they need to pick one)
    In C you don't write &a = c; to set c to the address of a, so you shouldn't mov src,dst
    The data size the instruction operates on is in each mnemonic (it should just figure it out):
    intel: mov ax,4
    at&t: movw 5,%ax
    Addressing is awkward:
    intel: mov ax,[varFace*2+6]
    at&t: movw 6(varFace,,2),%ax
    It just sucks

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    >In C you don't write &a = c; to set c to the address of a, so you shouldn't mov src,dst
    Speaking of backwards...
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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