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    lists error

    I just started learning linked lists, and i still dont understand them alot. anyway, i wanted to write something like a practice program, where u could insert new elements in struct, but at the very beggining im getting error i've never seen before "two or more data types in 'main'".

    im familiar with c++, but new to c, so i will appreciate any tips about linked lists in c.

    the code isnt nearly finished, so i will change it alot, but i just cannt test it if it works so far, because of the error. here's the code:
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    struct database {
           int x;
           int y;
           struct database *nextptr;
    int main()
        int k=0;
        struct database *root;
        struct database *ptr;
        root = malloc(sizeof(struct database));
        printf("1) Insert new element\n");
        printf("2) See the list\n");
        printf("3) Exit");
        scanf("%d", k);
            switch (k) {
                   case 1: printf("Inserire valore di x: ");
                           scanf("%d", root->x);
                           printf("Inserire valore di y: ");
                           scanf("%d", root->y);
                   case 2: printf("1) %d, %d", root->x, root->y);
                   case 3: break;
        return 0;
    tnx in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by munever
    "two or more data types in 'main'".
    Yeah that's a good one.
    It's caused by a missing semicolon after the declaration of the struct.

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    tnx for the replie, embaressed

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    Don't be. We all miss a semi colon every now and then.

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