Thread: Can a executable find the path to itself?

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    Can a executable find the path to itself?

    Iím writing a short executable that will be run by both clicking on it and being called from another program (IDL). Is there a function that I can put in this executable that returns the path to itself? Since, ďmyprogram.exeĒ might be moved to a different location I donít want to hard wire the path, but I want an outputted text file to end up in the same location as the executable. Iíve tried _fullpath, which returns the correct path if you double click on it, but returns the incorrect path if called from IDL.

    sprintf(szBuffer,_fullpath( NULL, "myprogram.exe", _MAX_PATH ));
    Double click on myprogram.exe -> C:\myprogram\ myprogram.exe

    Call from IDL -> C:\Location_of_IDL_File\myprogram.exe

    Any ideas, thanks,

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    try using something like this..
    char yourpath[BUFSIZE]
    this will store the path to your exe as well as your exe's name.
    hope I am understanding you...

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    Thanks g1i7ch, this works.

    Actually all I really want is the directory path, but I can remove the "myprogram.exe" from the end of the returned string easily.

    Again thanks,

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    You can also use argv[0], which contains the name of the executable. On Linux, however, the path is sometimes something like "../bin/ls", so if you want a full path, you could try getcwd(), which returns the current working directory. Unless the working directory is different from the executable path.

    You could just use "./filename" and set the current working directory to "." in the properties dialog box.

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