Thread: Calling function a function to do fopen

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    Calling a function to do fopen

    Hi, I'm having some troubles with openning a file that I need to read. I think it's because I'm handling the FILE* wrong or something. But I'm a little confused about this. Hopefully someone can clarify it a bit for me please.

    Basically I have a function that I call from a calling function in another source file to open a ttext file. I've got all the extern stuff working so that it compiles and all. The relevant part for my open file function is below.
    int Open (FILE** FileStream) {
    *FileStream = fopen (/*path and mode here*/);
    In my calling function, I declare a FILE* variable and pass it to Open like so.

    FILE* FileStream;
    int i;

    i = Open (&FileStream);

    But when I run the program, it says can't open the file. So what exactly is wrong with the way I'm passing the FileStream to the Open function? Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Sorry to bother you guys. I figured out the problem is in another part of the program, which I was passing the wrong file name to fopen. Thanks.

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