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    C newbie help

    Hi im new to C programming, so i dont know much..
    I have downloaded the compiler Miricle C which is simple and easy to use.
    I then tested out the good old Hello World code

    void main()
    printf("Hello, world!");
    I then followed the instructions by

    Then a black box came up which should contain the output of my Code, but it flashes up for about a second then goes again.
    Can anyone help me with the problem please.

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    First up, you might want to consider not starting with a compiler like Miracle C. Try an IDE like Dev C++ (Works for C programs as well).

    Second, your question is answered here and here.

    Finally, main returns an int, and should be declared as such. You can read all about this matter in the appropriate FAQ.

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    Thanks you guys!

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