Thread: Please help!programming an OpenGL game application with c

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    Please help!programming an OpenGL game application with c

    Hello everybody.
    I am in the difficult (but also pleasant ) position to start coding a game application like Tetris or Pacman or Arcanoids or anything simple like these, in C language, using OpenGL libraries.

    I am a starter of Using OpenGL and a moderate programmer in C language.

    Is there any possibility to find ready a game like the previous or something like that ?
    I have spent hours searching on internet and only i can find games in c++ using OpenGL, other games in c for DOS but nothing like what i am looking for.

    How can i start writing a game like these? I mean that i have already gone through some tutorials like Nehe about OpenGL and some others but still i have some difficulties how to start writing the game.I have never tried before and i dont know how to start.I found some books about game programming but they are about c++.
    I want also to let u know that i have no idea of the algorithm that these games and surely i have to start readiing first this. Can you suggest me any tutorials, pdfs, whatever, to start reading?

    Any other suggestios are welcome.

    c u

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    Seek and ye shall find. quaere et invenies.

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    I have already gone through NeHe's tutorials at some point.Can somebody help me about the algorithm of the tetris game and the architecture of it? I mean how to start coding? Any guidelines about that?
    Thanks in advance

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    Tetris blocks can be represented with a string.
    string t = 
    " X  " 
    "XXX "
    "    "
    "    " ;
    string z = 
    "XX  " 
    " XX "
    "    "
    "    " ;
    string s = 
    " XX " 
    "XX  "
    "    "
    "    " ;

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