Thread: Unix emulator for the mac

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    Unix emulator for the mac

    I know i should'nt be posting this here but does anyone know a unix emulator for the mac to try some code ive done in unix.


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    Sorry i mean that ive done the code on my pc emulator and it needs to work in unix.Anybody?

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    At first: The Mac system isnīt a very good system.
    And Iīve never used a Mac.

    But I know:
    There exist some portations of UNIX-shells for Mac.
    I know that there is the bash-shell for Mac.
    And: Mac OS X is based on UNIX.

    Maybe it will help you.

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    > At first: The Mac system isnīt a very good system.
    > And Iīve never used a Mac.
    Uuuuhm, so how do you know it's not very good?!?

    I think Macs are pretty nice, except that they are damn expensive

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    Mac computers suck (no horsepower-- thank you John Sculley). Mac O/S, however is excellent. Well written by some of the sharpest people I ever worked with. The O/S is far and away better than anything Microsoft could ever hope to write.

    I have a PC. I _love_ my 2.0GHz Dell. When I look out as far as I can see, my horizon is so far that I can see my own back!

    Yep, use a UNIX shell.

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    what version of Unix do you need it to run in? Mac OSX is actually BSD Unix with a graphical interface...unix commands can be executed from the terminal app. As far as the horsepower comment...I have no need for 2 ghz, and I'm a professional graphic designer who also does cad, digital movie and sound editing...Windows users always seem to need more processor speed than mac users yet the mac OS is the industry standard for digital video, digital audio and graphic design the more "processor intensive" tasks a computer can be used for. Seems to me that if the many versions of the primitive Windows operating system where design and coded with better techniques and the companies interest was in developing quality products rather than their bottom line or their market share you wouldn't need to keep giving the Wintel Monopoly your hard earned money. My 500 mhz Powermac G3 outperforms my 700mhz intel regularly simply because of the quality of the instructions written for the hardware.

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