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    Text file editor code

    Hey there, im a newbie and first time poster .... so please be nice!!

    Im working on an assignment to create a basic text file editor which was all going dandy until i've realised the functions I've been using to get a line number off user produce wrong results

    printf("\nLine No: ");
    scanf("%d", &linenum);
    printf("You entered line no. %d", linenum);

    printf("\nLine: ");
    fscanf(stdin, "%d", &linenum);
    printf("Line No chosen is %d", linenum);
    these both added '69' on to whatever is entered when printing linenum again

    any helpful suggestions would be most appreciated!!


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    There really is nothing wrong with what you posted, so please post some more code than that.

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    is linenum declared as a char? should be int, but if it was char it
    should only add on 48 to your value...
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    You're probably using %c in the [f]scanf() calls. Or maybe you're using %x or %o or something in the printf() calls.

    Post some of the surrounding code if you can't get it to work.

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