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    Tree Initialisation

    Hi, if I have a tree of integers indexed by strings, like:

    typedef struct TNode {
    char *s;
    int i;
    TNode *Left;
    TNode *Right; }
    then is there any quick way to intialise it (other than simply using the standard "add to tree" algorithm n times) if the entries (s, i) are known at Compile-Time? I thought probably not because there are pointers in there whose values would not be known until Run-Time...?

    Or is there some quicker way to index integers by strings?

    (NOTE: I am indexing INTEGERS by STRINGS, not the other way around, or I would just use an array).

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    Well you could create an array containing your data, then have a program loop over that array, calling addToTree() for each one.
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