Thread: processing a char pointer/string

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    processing a char pointer/string

    Im making a code for processing a data that contains \r\n or just \n at the end of each line. Heres what I have written so far:

    char *tmp, *temp, *ptr;
    tmp = new char[1024];
    sprintf(tmp, "line 1\r\nline 2\r\nline 3\n");
    temp = tmp;
    while (1) {
    	ptr = temp;
    	temp = strchr(ptr, '\n');
    	if (temp)
    		*(temp++) = 0;
    //something missing
    	printf("line: %s\n", ptr);
    this will print:

    line 1\r
    line 2\r
    line 3

    Now the problem is I dont know how to check if the last character/letter in the line is \r set it the *pointer to 0.

    What would be the best way to do this?

    Thanks a lot for help

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    It sounds like you really want strtok instead of whatever ad hoc thing you're doing now.
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    l = strlen(ptr) - 1;
    if (ptr[l] == '\r') ptr[l] = '\0';
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    Quote Originally Posted by WaltP
    l = strlen(ptr) - 1;
    if (ptr[l] == '\r') ptr[l] = '\0';

    Thank you, thats what I needed.

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