Thread: Running linux system commands

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    Running linux system commands


    I'm trying to create a c program that when run opens a ssh tunnel to a computer, executes a few commands on that computer and closes the tunnel again.

    But I have no idea how to do this. I have tried to use "system()" to run linux commands but it stuffs up as I need to type in a password for my user.

    Is there some good and reasonably easy way to do this?


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    Check out the popen() function.
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    Although the system() function is available in the UNIX systems, it is better to use fork()-execve() to run a command.

    You should have something like this
    int main()
    pid_t pid;
    if (pid == 0)
      /* here is the child*/
      execve(your command comes here);
    /* wait the child process to exit */
     return 0;

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