I wasn't completely sure where to post this as it's graphics related but not game related so I figured I'd be safe and post it here. What I am trying to do is read in points and plot them as spheres (using glut) in 3-D space for a visualization of particles for my physics research. Reading in points and displaying the spheres was no problem (mind you I am new to openGL programming) but I can't seem to set my camera up properly no matter how much I fiddle with it. Heres the case, I am plotting an fcc crystal which is contained in a 6x6x18 box, the bottom left corner of said box being located at the origin. I want to be able to get a good view of this box. I have read various tutorials on camera control in OpenGL and in GLUT and have tried both gluLookAt(); and just translating and rotating; so I am not sure if its just my 3-D math or my understanding of the functions that is off but for some reason I am always zoomed in too far, or can't see anything, the camera never seems to be oriented where I expect. Here is my most recent display function, I was under the assumption that this would locate my camera at (10,10,0) and point it towards the origin.

void display(void)
//****** SET THE SYSTEM UP TO BE A 6X6X18 BOX ********************************//     

//****** CLEAR BUFFERS *******************************************************//     
//****** SETUP THE CAMERA ANGLE***********************************************// 


//****** DRAW THE PARTICLES***************************************************//     
    for (int i=0;i<NUM_PARTICLES;i++){DrawParticle(XYZ[i].x,XYZ[i].y,XYZ[i].z);}

Now I know for a fact everything gets drawn, and drawn correctly because from the various angles I have experimented with (none which give me close to what I want) the crystal structure looks correctly ordered. I was hoping someone could maybe provide a solution or even a good tutorial on camera control which could help me understand how to orient things in openGL. (I have tried nehe.gamedev, along with many others)

- J. Paddon