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    Question how to do...


    I have a problem with files calculating....

    I do the program but then it do chdir("..") and the you do system("dir.......") it start reading directoriesfrom the first but i want that it start reading in line which number belongs with how many time was doing cycle.

    there is my program:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <dir.h>
    #include <direct.h>
    #include <dirent.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <io.h>
    #include <process.h>
    #include <dos.h>
     char kata[8];
     struct ffblk ffblk;
     int taip;
     long kiek=0;
     int chdir (const char *kata);
     int kiekis (char *kata);
      int kiekis(char *kata) {
           FILE *f;
           if (chdir (kata) == 0){
    	   taip = findfirst("*.*",&ffblk,0);
    	   while (!taip)
    		  taip = findnext(&ffblk);}}
      f = fopen ("temp.txt", "r");
      while (fscanf(f,"%s",kata)!=EOF) {
           chdir (kata);
           if (chdir (kata) == 0){
    	   taip = findfirst("*.*",&ffblk,0);
    	     while (!taip)
    		    taip = findnext(&ffblk);}}
    	system ("dir/ad/b > temp.txt");
           if (fscanf(f,"%s",kata)==EOF) {
    	  chdir ("..");system ("dir/ad/b > temp.txt");}
    	  else kiekis (kata);}
     fclose (f);
     return (0);}
     int main() {
     int d;
     long kiek3=0,kiek2=0;
     FILE *ff;
     clrscr ();
     printf ("\nSet the disk where you want to calculate files\n");
     scanf ("%d",&d);
     _chdrive (d);
     chdir ("\\");
     if (_chdrive(d) == 0){
       taip = findfirst("*.*",&ffblk,0);
       while (!taip)
       {  kiek2=kiek2+1;
          taip = findnext(&ffblk);}}
     system ("dir/ad/b > temp2.txt");
     ff = fopen ("temp2.txt","r");
     while (fscanf (ff,"%s",kata)!=EOF) {
           kiekis (kata);
           kiek3= kiek+kiek3;}
           if (fscanf (ff,"%s",kata)==EOF){
       kiek3 = kiek3 + kiek2;
       printf("\n there are files %d",kiek3);}
     return (0);}

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    Maybe some of these will inspire you

    Rather than leaving a temp.txt scattered in every single directory on your disk.

    Given the number of ancient header files you've included, perhaps a more up to date compiler is in order as well.
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