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Just because you created a work-around to the point the syntactic C parser does not flag an error or a warning does not mean it's proper and valid C or that it won't wreak havoc later on in your code.

The parser is attempting to tell you....."Houston, we have a problem". Just like your fuel gauge tries to tell you you are running out of fuel. However, you can choose to ignore it and continue driving. Eventually though you will run out of gas and will be walking.
You can ignore compiler warnings or try to circumvent them but eventually your code will be brought to its knees.

Fix your design and you fix your problem.

To me the whole setup looks odd.
The function works so there is no problem.

Conversion from an array of shorts to an array of unions of the same size is a perfectly sencible conversion. Why should there be a problem?

I was just asking how to get rid of the warning. I would have prefered an solution that tells what kind of conversion that's supposed to take place, but void pointer conversion will have to do.