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    Regular expressions

    Hi there;

    I know what regular expressions are, and have used very simple ones before - but I don't know if they can be used in C, or how to use them. I do know, though, that regex would save me a heck of a lot of trouble in parsing a slightly regular string (tokenising).

    What I am doing, is checking for the following regular expression:


    Where there is a *, there can be any number of whitespace.

    I suppose I am going against cboard ettiquette here and asking for a bit of a write out, but I don't know where to start looking (as I asked before, I don't even know if regex can be used in C).

    Googling attempts seem to throw 1000s of C++ string regex functions at me but no C..


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    Just use a library - example
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    Regular expressions are nice, but I don't think I'd use a library to deal with whitespace. You could easily just use a C function like sscanf() that will ignore whitespace. Something like:

    const char line[] = "blah  123,     456,   789";
    char str[50];
    int i1, i2, i3;
    sscanf(line, "%s %d, %d, %d", str, &i1, &i2, &i3);
    printf("anystring: %s\n"
           "anyint1: %d\n"
           "anyint2: %d\n"
           "anyint3: %d\n", str, i1, i2, i3);
    or if you were reading from a file, you could use fscanf() which is the same thing, but it uses a file for its first parameter. In a way, C has functions that use a regular expression, like sscanf, but it's just not as complex as something like Perl style regex's. So I'd suggest looking more into the different string functions C. Anyway, good luck.

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    $ in a regex is the end of line anchor. You sure that's what you want?

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    hmm, I just figured he didn't know much about regular expressions and meant that those were variables. I think those *'s would more likely become \s+ if it was a real regular expression also.

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    * represents -> 0 or more elements Ex: set{E, a ,aa,aaa,aaaa,.....} where Ereprents empty string
    + represents -> 1 or more elements Ex: set{a,aa,aaa,aaaa,....}

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