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    format in Fortran

    I need to know is there any equivalent of the "format" statement used in Fortran77 in C. For example what would be the equivalent of the following statement in C (How is format used in the line with 200?)
    Program contbc

    parameter (ndwgt=1000,ndpow=1000)

    dimension cplot(ndwgt,ndpow)

    character*80 project_name
    character*80 control_file

    x status="old")

    200 format(a)
    read(10,200) project_name
    write(6,200) project_name
    read(10,200) control_file
    write(6,200) control_file

    read(10,*) nwgt_start,nwgt_end,nwgt_step
    write(6,*) nwgt_start,nwgt_end,nwgt_step
    read(10,*) pow_start,pow_end,pow_step
    write(6,*) pow_start,pow_end,pow_step


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    I can't be bothered to google for a definition of what format does in Fortran.
    Perhaps you could inform us of what it does, then perhaps we can tell you how to do that in C
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    printf() or fprintf() -- it's a combination of WRITE/FORMAT

    scanf() or fscanf() -- it's a combination of READ/FORMAT
    although a combination of fgets()/sscanf() would be better.

    int main()
    //      character*80 project_name
    //      character*80 control_file
        char project_name[80];
        char control_file[80];
        char tmpbuf[80];
        int nwgt_start, nwgt_end, nwgt_step;
        int pow_start,pow_end,pow_step;
        FILE *st;                // define your I/O or FILE channel == 10
    //  open(10,file="setup.dat",form="formatted", status="old")
        st = fopen("setup.dat", st);
    //  200 format(a)
    //  read(10,200) project_name
        fgets(project_name, 80, st);
    //  write(6,200) project_name
        printf("%s", project_name);   // printf=to screen=6, %s="a format"
    //  read(10,200) control_file
        fgets(control_file, 80, st);
    //  write(6,200) control_file
        printf("%s", control_file);
    //  read(10,*) nwgt_start,nwgt_end,nwgt_step
        fgets(tmpbuf, 80, st);      // Read the line of ints.  %d = int conversion
        sscanf(tmpbuf, "%d %d %d", &nwgt_start, &nwgt_end, &nwgt_step);
    //  write(6,*) nwgt_start,nwgt_end,nwgt_step
        printf("%d %d %d", nwgt_start, nwgt_end, nwgt_step);
    //  read(10,*) pow_start,pow_end,pow_step
        fgets(tmpbuf, 80, st);      // Read the line of ints.  %d = int conversion
        sscanf(tmpbuf, "%d %d %d", &pow_start, &pow_end, &pow_step);
    //  write(6,*) pow_start,pow_end,pow_step
        printf("%d %d %d", pow_start,pow_end,pow_step);
    //  close(10)
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