Thread: Problems reading formatted input with sscanf

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    Actually, I had to repost.
        int foo, bar;
        char string[BUFSIZ], matchme[]="10,4,\"Foo'd up beyond all repair\",h\n";
        sscanf(matchme, "%d,%d,%512[^\n]", &foo, &bar, string);
        printf("%d %d %s\n", foo, bar, string);
    The little asterisk trick doesn't seem to work with brackets, so just use the number that BUFSIZ equals.

    EDIT: OK, did it again. I mistyped the nul character. Sorry. That really does work, if you don't want to read to a flag character instead.
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    You can use an extra variable to read anything past the last
    character then if you don't a return code of 4 there was an error.
    I think thats the simplest way to do it.

    PHP Code:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>

    int  argc;
    char *argv[]; 
    int numnum2;
    char matchme[]="1,5,\"some text\",h\n";
    char str[40];
    char ch[3], endchars[100];
      if (
    sscanf(matchme"%d,%d,%[^,],%1[hv]%[^\n]", &num

    num2strchendchars ) != 4)
    printf("Error reading string 1.\n");
    printf("%d %d %s %s\n"numnum2strch);

    /*main */ 

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    > If only there was perl compatible regular expressions included in the standard C.
    Do you have some objection to linking with a library which does the same?

    > 1,5,"some text",h
    Is this also an example (comma in the quotes)?
    1,5,"maybe this, maybe that",h
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