Thread: conio.h not working in *nix

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    conio.h not working in *nix

    hi buddies I am new to C and having some severe heaches ....
    i need ur help .... please ... please ...

    I wrote a program in and include the conio.h it runs well in windows but the problem is that @ school we use only Debian and this library is not available. I need to use conio.h because I am using getch function to check which option the user choose. The program asks the questions and gives 4 choices namely A B C and D of which only one is correct. I need emmediate response for the user...

    any body please ...

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    I guess you'd better stop using a non-ANSI function then, if you expect portablility. It's fine, learn2FAQ.

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    If you're using getch() or something, which is likely, see this FAQ:

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