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    C socket programming Help!

    Hello All,

    I want to build a TCP socket function which based on a event application.
    I almost finished all the function except a small problem.

    Here is the problem, The client can connect my application call evtest through port 7046. After the connection is built, the evtest can send out the command string to the client.

    But if the client closes the connection and my evtest will shut down also. It said that "Send, connection reset by peer."

    What I really want my evtest can always active, the client side can always connect to my evtest even after close the connection.

    To more clearly present what I want, I want the evtest application can always accept the outside connection and send out the command to them. Even the client break out connection, they can simply connect to my evtest application without distrub my evtest.

    Thank you for reading. Sorry for my english.

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    Check out the send man page.

    send() will return -1 when the remote host has closed the connection, and it will set errno to ECONNRESET. If you just check to see if that's what errno is set to when send() returns -1 then you should be able to handle it appropriately.
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