Hi guys. I am currenting using the Dev C++ program to programming C. We are doing elementary graphics so we are starting with BCI graphics. I find it quite nice since I can just #include <winbgim.h> and use all the functions indicated by the documentation found here


The problem is what I can't seem to get objects to move across the screen. I tried to use a for loop like this
for (i = marsx; i < 27000; i++) {
  for (j = marsy; j < 302; j++) {
        circle(i, j, 8);
        floodfill(i, j, RED);
got just a big piece of red paint on my output screen which can be seen here.


I am not too familar with the functions of the BGI libary so I am wondering if anyone here could enlighten me with how I could animate objects using Bloodshed Dev C++ program with the Borland Graphical Interface.

I know OpenGL graphics are way easier but I don't have the knowledge to use that and I am not suppose to for my assaignment. Thanks alot.