Thread: continue problems in array

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    continue problems in array

    below is a portion of my program. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    essentially, i am trying to use this loop structure to assign values for a 1x20 array. Values must conform to the range restrictions (10<=x<=100). Also, if user enters number outside of range, i want a continue function to repeat the loop without incrimentation of the loop integer "i". If value conforms to restrictions, it should be stored in the array and the value will be printed.

    for (i=0;i<=19;i++);
     printf("Enter number between 10 and 100:");
     scanf("%f", ar[i]);
      if (ar[i]<10||ar[i]>100)
       printf("\nInvalid number, not within the specified range");

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    Always use full bracing for code blocks.

    But you probably don't want the loop increment if you don't get a valid value.
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    > for (i=0;i<=19;i++);
    Watch that final ;
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