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    I have written a big program.. In it i have this line of code

    line 569 :
    if(!isascii((int)(currentChar->data))) {
    I tired compiling my program in unix using a make file.

    my makefile is

    all: main.o FileADT.o
    	gcc -o run main.o FileADT.o
    FileADT.o: FileADT.c FileADT.h
    	gcc -Wall -ansi -pedantic -c FileADT.c
    main.o: main.c FileADT.h
    	gcc -Wall -ansi -pedantic -c main.c
    	 rm FileADT.o main.o
    where fileADT.c is the codes for the program. main.c is like a driver program. and the run is the command /object file that runs the program.

    The FileADT.h,header file had the following
    #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdio.h> 
    #include <ctype.h>
    when i compile in unix using make, i get this error:
    line 569: warning: implicit declaration of 'isascii'

    i suspect i have missed out something in the header file or in the make file. Would be great if someone can help.

    Wanting to just get rid of that warning and wonder if some1 can spot the BUG.

    The whole file is here
    it can run in unix enviorment.type make to compile
    and type 'run input output' to execute the program.

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    implicit decaluration usualy means the function is not defined.

    make sure u have the the required libary for isascii, which is
    " #include <ctype.h> "

    Hope that helps

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    isascii is not as standard function, BTW, so it may or may not be in any particular header. Perhaps investigate the original implemention's platform to see which compiler it was supposed to be compiled with, or possibly write your own version.
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