Thread: Searching for a list specific words in a string

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    Question Searching for a list of specific words in a string


    I have a basic problem and am unsure of how to approach it best.

    I have a file which has a header of :
    I have read this file and saved it to a string called readfile.

    the second line also contains this data but the problem is that these words wont always appear in the same order so i need to search the first line (which is always in the right order) and assign tokens to each word.

    Then i want to search the second line for occurances of the word "hello" and give it the index of 1 as well.

    thus i can hypothetically construct a line of 1;2;3;4;5.

    i wanted to know that strtok seems to be the best way of doing it
    but how do i store the first line so that future lines in the file can use its index.

    all help will be appreciated
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    Hi thanks for your reply.

    I decided on using strtok and comparing the input to a table of predefined values.

    thus i will be able to get the position in which they occur.

    I might need a bit of help for the next part so i will post it in a few hours.


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    Can you please post your original question ? I mean the same you are trying . It sounds interesting to work out. Please type out the original question.

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