Thread: reading file into 2 dimensional array, scanning array for 1 dimension?

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    reading file into 2 dimensional array, scanning array for 1 dimension?

    Hello, I'm super new to c programming. Having alittle trouble with something.
    I'm trying to read a file into a 2 dimensional array. contents of the file are as such :
    list does not exceed 1000.
    I have a variable from another function (the name of product). I need to scan the array for the name and if it exist get the code#.
    this is what i have so far
    void Search(char product, int *code) {
    char &type, char productname[1000], int codenumber[1000], int i;
    FILE *fp;
    fp = fopen("product.dat", "r");
    for (i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
    fscanf(fp, "%d:%c\n", codenumber[i], productname[i]);}
    fclose(fp); }
    &type is the address of name of product from another function.
    after i scan the file i'm lost >.<
    how do i scan the productnames for the &type and get the code??
    any help at all will be much appreciated!
    im so confuseled!

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    &type stinks of C++.

    First of all fclose(fp) is in your loop, while fopen is outside, this will result in unwanted behavior. Also productname[i] is only a single character, you want it to be a whole string correct? Here is a simple reworking of your code:
    int Search(char *product)
        int code;
        char productname[1000];
        char codenumber[1000];
        open your file
        while(fgets(productname, 1000, fp) != NULL)
            use strtok or scanf here to split your string into a product code and a name
            code = atoi(codenumber);
            /* do the two strings match? */
            if (strcmp(productname, product) == 0)
                close your file
                return the product code here
        close yoru file
        /* at this point all products have been searched but no matches found */
        return an error code
    That basic idea should work, although I'm pretty damn tired right now so you might run into a minor error.

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