Thread: Increasing working memory in win XP

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    Increasing working memory in win XP


    I'm using the following code:

     for (k=0;k<MAX_ROW;k++)
    		geneas[k] = (char*)malloc(MAX_OF_ALL_STR);
    For my test data i had max_row = 15 but for original data i have 4000 rows!
    the C code is breaking in the malloc itself!
    Any suggestions?


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    Yes it's obvious that the code will break if it will not get sufficient memory for malloc().

    What you can do here is add a statement like this ?

         printf("\n Not sufficient memory");
    Now you will now where the HELL is happening ?

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    You have up to 4Gb(3 userspace+1 kernel space) of memory for your application! The code below works fine on my Linux machine
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define MAX_ROW 4000
    #define MAX_OF_ALL_STR 4096
    int main()
            int k;
            char *geneas[MAX_ROW];
            for (k=0; k<MAX_ROW; k++)
                    geneas[k]=(char *)malloc(MAX_OF_ALL_STR);
                    if (geneas[k]==NULL)
                            fprintf(stderr,"malloc failed!\n");
            return 0;
    I think there may be some other problem other than allocating memory!

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    Like their compiler is some ancient fossil called TurboC perhaps, and the amount of memory they have is limited to 640K, despite the GB of memory which XP has to play with.

    Of course, without actually saying what MAX_OF_ALL_STR is, it's hard to comment.
    Perhaps it's a wasteful 1MB for each row of data.

    > geneas[k] = (char*)malloc(MAX_OF_ALL_STR);
    Read the FAQ on casting malloc - like why it's bad.
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    Thanks guys- I've switched stuffs to my linux m/c and it works fine...

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