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    Lightbulb It's a question of time ...

    Hi guys,

    i would like to convert a 4 digit number (eg 0824) into a time so that i can find the length of time between two times.
    => so 0824 and 0927 gives 1 hour and 3 minutes

    i have found a function in the time.h library => difftime=(time_t timeB, time_t timeA)
    but im unsure as to how to declare the numbers etc.

    if anyone has any ideas, or good sites for information, i would be very grateful.


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    since you don't seem to be using seconds you can create a function to convert both times to minutes then subtract the clock out time from the clock in time to get minutes worked.

    ex: 0927 = 567 minutes
    0824 = 504 minutes

    567 - 504 = 63 minutes

    hope that helped,

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    great - thanks, it now works like that

    but i havent agot a clue how i can display integers with a '0' in front.
    i.e. 8 is displayed as 08

    does any body have an idea?


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    Of course !!! i shudda known that!!!

    Thanks alot anyway, Salem, saved me once again!!!

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