Thread: while loop char input

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    while loop char input

    Hey guys is there anything wrong with how im getting the input for a single character because for some reason the if statement is not working properly.

    Even if i do enter the correct input it still prints as invalid?

    char guessType()
      char type;
      int valid;
      printf("Enter guess type((f)lag, (u)ncover or(s)weep:\n");
      valid = 0;
      while((type = fgetc(stdin) != '\n' && type != EOF))
           if(type != 's' || type !='u' || type != 'f')

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    Your if() statement should test as follows:
    if(type != 's' && type !='u' && type != 'f')
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    >char type;
    >type = fgetc(stdin)
    fgetc() doesn't return a char, it returns an int.
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