Thread: FILE passing through functions

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    FILE passing through functions

    Hey if memory serves correctly in C++ if i open a file say in main and then want to pass it through a function so i can use it all i have to do is reference it with a little &

    i tried this in C not knowing how to do it in C anyway and it didnt work

    i was curious could someone tell me how i can open a file in main and then pass it through a function?? im guessing youd have to reference it somehow but im not sure?

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    The nearest equivalent of a reference in C is a pointer.
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    ya cause you do the FILE *filepointerhere

    i tried that but you cant just put in a function parameters a FILE *ffsdfsdfsd is there a way to get around that so i can still use the file in another function besides main?

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    something like this:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int mysub(FILE *ptr);
    int main(void)
            FILE *ptr;
            if ( (ptr = fopen("test.txt", "w")) == NULL)
            if (fprintf(ptr, "This was printed from main\n") == -1)
            if ( mysub(ptr) == -1)
    int mysub(FILE *ptr)
            return( fprintf(ptr, "This was printed from the function mysub\n") );

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