Thread: Help! Need some clarification.

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    Help! Need some clarification.


    I have these ff. code:
    /*test/dummy progam*/
    #include <time.h>
    //var declaration
    clock_t start, finish;
    double  duration;
    double  limit = 5.00; // roughly equal to 5 seconds
    int x;
    int main(){
        start = clock();
                finish = clock();
                duration = (finish - start) / CLOCKS_PER_SEC;
                if(limit < duration){
                     /* do stuff....*/      
                     printf("round %d",x++); // for example
                    start = clock();
                    duration =0.00;
    return 0;
    I know that this is not resourece friendly type of code. The code above is a test/dummy program ,the program while running will execute the printf() in every 5 second.
    The test/dummy program works fine but when I try to insert this logic to the project that I'm currently working on , it does not work.
    The project mentioned here is converted/or run as a Windows service.

    I've written the test/dummy program as a Win32 console application. The project that I've mentioned is previously a Win32 console application before it is converted to run as a windows service.

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

    I'm Using MVC6 and my os is Win2K.

    BTW: when I tried to convert the test/dummy program run run as a Windows service, the test/dummy program does not execute - I mean does not print ( I've change the printf() to a writeToLog type of function).

    any kind of help will be appreciated.

    edit: the test/dummy program above is somewhat my solution to my previous thread A Timed Function in C

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    I assume it's because you are setting up the unbreakable while loop and then not letting any of the Windows code execute. You may look into timer API's.

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    You're supposed to use difftime() to figure out the difference between two clock_ts, not x-y.

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