Thread: Program That Searches For Flag "7e" in binary file

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    Program That Searches For Flag "7e" in binary file

    help would be much appreciated? havntdone C in a year and atthat it was only basic enough and new psycho lecture for communications wantin this programme writtin in C!!
    Basically he wants us to make a binary file, i.e a .dat file. Then you write a programme that opens the file, reads the data, stores it and searches it for the 7E or rather it's binary version. Then u print the"7e" to the screen not the file itself!!
    Below is da code ive so far that is pullin about 4 errors and 4 warnings!!
    const FLAG;
    enum FSMstate {SEARCH,
        huh1 = fscaf(file_in_h,"%c",&bit_in);
        for (i =8; i >0;i--)
            shift[i] = shift[i-1];
        shift[0] = bit_in
        if (shift == FLAG)
           if (state == SEARCH)
                     state =  FOUND_FLAG;
            if ( state == COPY_PLD && count = 8
                 state = FINAL;
        if (state ==FOUND_FLAG && count = 8
          state = COPY_PLD;
       if (state == COPY_PLD)
         huh2= fprintf(file_out_h, "%c", &shift[8]);
       if (state == FINAL)
                 state = SEARCH;
       if (state == FOUND_FLAG || state == COPY_PLD)
                if(count==8) counter = 0;
         else count ++;
         while(huh2 = EOF);
          //close files

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    while(huh2 = EOF);

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    Is that code in a function at all and variables defined somewhere? Also:

    if ( state == COPY_PLD && count = 8
    No closing parentheses. And

    huh2= fprintf(file_out_h, "%c", &shift[8]);
    It does not expect a pointer.

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    > Below is da code ive so far that is pullin about 4 errors and 4 warnings!!
    Is this the ACTUAL code you tried to compile, or merely just some random lines either typed in before pressing submit, or randomly copy/pasted from your source code in the hopes that it will make sense to us?

    > huh1 = fscaf(file_in_h,"%c",&bit_in);
    None of these variables are declared, and you can't spell fscanf

    > shift[i] = shift[i-1];
    Do you declare the array as shift[8] or shift[9] ?

    > shift[0] = bit_in
    Missing ;

    > if ( state == COPY_PLD && count = 8
    Missing ) and = should be ==

    There is no main function, nor any other kind of function.

    None of the variables are declared.

    You don't show how you're opening the files.

    Do you have an example of an input data file, because it seems like you're trying to convert say
    01000001 into say 'A'
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    no it was template he gave us with some stuff extra added in ... that i typed out quickly one day hence the missin parenthesis and spellin mistakes

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