Thread: How to start program from subfolder

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    How to start program from subfolder

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    I have one folder itTestMenu in which are folders with programs. In program folders are executable files like a.out and similar. So main folder is a menu in which are subfolders where are programs that you choose from menu are located. I would just like to ask you how to write path of those programs that would just check subfolder of that name and executable file - that I wouldn't write path from whole system. If I transfer program(menu folder) to other location paths wont be right and programs from menu won't start, so I would like that no matter where the location of menu folder is it always checks the subfolder with that name and executable file ,so you can move folder and programs always start. Please help.
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    You can use setenv() to change the PATH shell variable. It only effects it for the running program, so when your menu program exits, the shell will still be using your old, unmodified PATH variable.
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    You can use opendir()+readdir()+closedir()+stat() (POSIX functions) to figure out which files in a directory are directories. (And maybe chdir(), too.)

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