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    file query

    Hey ,I was trying to design a code to handle file.It consists of character nodes.Line nodes that include character nodes. and a file that includes line node .

    I wrote this code below,but it won't work.Wonder if some-one can help spot the error.

    typedef struct CharacterNode {
    	struct CharacterNode *nextCharacterNode;
    	char data;
    typedef struct LineNode {
    	struct CharacterNode *characterNode;
    	struct LineNode *nextLineNode;
    typedef struct fileADT {
    	struct LineNode *lineNode;
    	int size;
    void initFileADT(FileADT *file) {
        file->lineNode = NULL;
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    	FileADT *a;
        return EXIT_SUCCESS;
    thanx ppl

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    You have to allocate memory for the pointer. By the time you're initializing the variables, it's just a NULL pointer. If you don't know how, look into malloc().
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