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    Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight
    Singling? Just trying to answer the question the way i interpret it.
    So was I. And Q jumped all over my ass because of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WaltP
    So was I. And Q jumped all over my ass because of it.
    It's allright now dear. You've made your point. Since the last posts here have just been you guys arguing I assume theres no way to do what I wanted in the first place.

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    Nah, he jumped all over your ass because he doesn't like when people give 300 word explainations of why he is wrong when he wasn't. I think I tried that with him once and I ended up with my ass in my hand, post marked from Quzah. I'll agree that the "don't be stupid, walt" could be seen as harsh, but that's just how he handles himself. Take his posts, pick out the comments, and just take the information cause that's the good part.

    Anyway, sorry about my early comment on implying that operators were functions in C. I meant for it to be said more as "operators work like functions with the operands as arguements". As far as I know, that's a pretty accurate statement.
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    I'll summarize the thread:
    1 - Question asked.
    2 - Question answered, slight terminology snafu.
    3 - Thanks for number 2.
    4 - Clarification of snafu.
    5 - More of 4.
    6 - Walt says you cannot use continue and break in an if.
    7 - I tell Walt that he needs to clarify, because he's wrong.
    8 - He tries to prove his point, but fails, because he's ignoring the painfully obvious.
    9 - I get annoyed with Walt ignoring the obvious fact that you can use it with an if.
    10 - cwr points out that yes, you can use them with an if
    11 - Walt for some reason still disagrees. Tries to talk his way out of being wrong again.
    12 - Onion tries to clarify what Walt failed to.
    13 - Being really annoyed now, I further point out that yes, you indeed can use an if with a break.
    14 - Walt cries, and confuses Onion.
    15 - Onion is confused by Walt.
    16 - Walt nurses his "wounds".
    17 - The OP wishes we'd all just shut up.
    18 - Sly, like cwr, sees that you can in fact use break with if, something Walt still won't agree to.
    19 - This post.

    One last time: YES YOU CAN use break and continue with an if statement. However, it must be used in a loop.

    See Walt? That's all the clarification I expected from you. Since this thread, like many others, was being pedantic by people who've been here for a while, I thought I'd be pedantic too. So I simply said, "Sure you can. You might want to clarify that."

    You got all ........y, because apparently you failed to remember that most obvious way of exiting a loop: Use an if check to check for whatever you want, and then break from it. How the hell else would you do it?

    I stated before you could maybe do it with a switch. No you can't, I was wrong. The break in a switch would just exit the switch. You'd still be in the loop. How in the hell else would you exit the loop on condition if "break and continue are not allowed in if statements"?

    You're wrong Walt. Wrong in that you tried to paint with too wide a brush, and I suggested clarification. You were wrong. Just like those grade school true / false questions. If any part of the answer is wrong, the whole thing is. You were wrong, you still won't admit it, because you're not looking at what you wrote. You're looking at what you thought you wrote.

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    Come on guys - Where's the love??

    Thread closed.

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