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    Exclamation Newbie - cubic polynomial program - help!

    Hi guys!

    Ok first of all, I am completely new to c programming & need a bit of expert help with a program I am writing. I am required to write a c program to find the roots of a cubic polynomial. I just want to add at this point that I am NOT looking for someone to write the program for me, I'm just after a little assistance. In fact, I have written what I thought to be right, but it doesn't seem to work properly. The program compiles fine, but the problem is the way it works! There are supposed to be 3 different conditions, but when I execute the program (& input coefficients), I only get the condition where there is 'one real root & two imaginary roots'. The roots are not correct either, they have letters in the answer etc. Anyway, if anyone could have a look at my code & offer me any help as to where I am going wrong, I would be most grateful!

    Thanks in advance!

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    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #define PI 3.1415926536
    void main(void)
    /*declare variables*/
    char rpt;
    float p,q,r;
    float root;
    float a,b;
    float A,B;
    float x1,x2,x3;
    float a1,b1;
    float real,imag;
    float angle;
    printf("Cubic Polynomial Solver (form y*y*y + p*y*y + q*y + r)\n");
    while(1) { /*keep looping until 'break'*/
    rpt = 'T';
    printf("Enter coefficients:\n");
    printf("p = ");
    printf("q = ");
    printf("r = ");
    a=(1.0/3.0)*(3.0*q - p*p);
    b=(1.0/27.0)*(2.0*p*p*p - 9.0*p*q + 27.0*r);
    if(root>0.0) {
    printf("There is one real root of %f and two conjugate imaginary roots of %f + i*%f and %f - i*%f\n",
    else if(root<0.0) {
    x2=2.0*sqrt(-a/3.0)*cos((angle/3.0) + 2.0*PI/3.0);
    x3=2.0*sqrt(-a/3.0)*cos((angle/3.0) + 4.0*PI/3.0);
    printf("Real distinct roots are: %f, %f and %f\n",x1-(p/3.0),x2-(p/3.0),x3-(p/3.0));
    else { /*root=0*/
    printf("There is a real distinct root of %f and two equal real roots of %f\n",x1-(p/3.0),x2-(p/3.0));
    /*check for repeat*/
    printf("\nIf you wish to calculate the roots of another cubic polynomial press: Y\n");
    scanf(" %c",&rpt);
    if (rpt !='Y') break;
    } /*end while*/
    } /*end main*/
    > void main(void)
    main returns an int.

    I don't know whether the cubic root algorithm is correct, but you should try doing things like
    a=(1.0/3.0)*(3.0*q - p*p);
    printf("Computed a is %f\n", a );
    b=(1.0/27.0)*(2.0*p*p*p - 9.0*p*q + 27.0*r);
    printf("Computed b is %f\n", b );

    And compare these results with your own worked out on paper for example.
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