Thread: Recalling code meaning

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    Recalling code meaning

    I'm going through my old C programming notes trying to recall back my c programming knowledge that I learn about 2 years ago and I'm trying to re-understand what this code meant. It should be a piece of cake for you guys.

    int emp_id;
    float salary
    struct employeeData employee;
    printf("Enter  Employee ID to update (0001 - 1000): ");
    scanf("%d%, &emp_id);
    I'm trying to understand this,
    struct employeeData employee;

    what is the purpose of writing employee at the back of the line?

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    <type> <variable>
    int emp_id;
    float salary; /* missign semicolon */
    struct employeeData employee;
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    scanf("%d%, &emp_id);
    should be
    scanf("%d", &emp_id);
    struct employeeData employee;

    the above code means that u are declaring a variable employee of type struct employeedata. where a struct employeedata might contain many other attributes like ID, name, salary and so on


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    struct employeeData employee;
    declares an instance of employeeData named employee. thus meaning, after that declaration you can use employee to initialize/set the members of the employeeData struct.
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