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    i am using C from Linux 7.1(full installation),but i cannot import #<conio.h>. should this be available , or if not, from where to get.

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    no you cant use conio.h on linux

    you will need to use ncurses

    also if you want to really use conio.h
    try using wine and run your dos based compiler on it
    and then run the dos exe's thru wine as well

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    thanks for your hint,but i know neither ncurses nor wine .
    But does this mean, that it isn't easy to get this , because i dont need it really.
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    he's saying instead of putting

    #include <conio.h>


    #include <ncurses.h>

    get it?

    and Wine is a windows emulator, so if you really need conio.h you can get wine, get a DOS-based compiler (IE: djgpp) and compile and run the program under wine.

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    is The UNIX version of DOS's

    ...Watch out though, The function names aren't the same although both libs do about the same stuff (Direct Terminal IO)

    For Example :
    move() = curses.h
    gotoxy() = conio.h

    ....That Should Help Some....

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