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    Escape Sequences

    I found escape sequences on the Internet one time and at the time could not use them properly, yesterday i found two of them being used correctly in a function to clear the screen, they where:

    printf("\033[2J"); //Clears the Screen
    printf("\033[0;0f"); // Sets cursor back to position (0,0)

    There where many more in the list i found but due to an unfortunate mishap (I deleted the file) i do not have them anymore. I was wondering if any one else knew of more, or perhaps (hopefully) all of them. I would appreciate it if some one could post them as they would be useful to all of to use.
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    I would also be interested if any one knows of them.

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    If you are using DOS/Windows, be sure to load ANSI.SYS from your config.sys file, and search the web for "ansi.sys escape sequences".
    If you are using unix/linux, search for "console_codes", "vt100" or "vt102"

    Hope this helps...

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