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    looping prob for loop

    Hey guys in this function my for loop is stuffin up its goin in a neverending loop for some reason?

    void totalDays(unsigned month, unsigned year, int ar[])
       /*int i;
        print out the array in main the months
       for(i=0; i<MAX_MONTH; i++)
       printf("days array hello:%d\n", ar[i]);
       } */
       int i;
       int md=0;
       int leap=0;
       int startYear = 1900;
       int track;
       unsigned int d, yrd;
       /* starts from 1900 goes to the input year*/
       for(i=startYear; i<year; i++) 
           /* check if that year is a leap year*/
           if((i%4==0)&&((i%100!=0) || (i%400==0)))
               leap++;  /* add exstra day*/
       for(i=0; i<(month-1)&&(i<11); i++)
    	   yrd = (year-startYear)*365;
               printf("ello%d\n", month);
    	   displayCalendar(month, year, ar, &track);
      /* return ar[i] ;*/

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    Hey there,

    Did not spot an endless loop with a debug, maybe you input year as yy? Like '98' instead of '1998'?


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    Perhaps the infinite loop is in displayCalendar().

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