Thread: Simple int -> char conversion failing...

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    Simple int -> char conversion failing...

    I'm trying to convert an int to a char, just to see if the value entered is a alphabetic character. Here's what I have in my method:
    void FillUserArray( int userArray[], int arraySize )
        int i = 0;  //array indexer
        int j = 1;  //counter for output format
        int x;    //holders for user input
        while( i < arraySize )
            printf( "#%d: ", j );
            scanf( "%d", &x );
            userArray(i) = x; //code pasting into forum doesn't allow [ ]
            if( isalpha( (char)x ) )
                printf( "no alpha" );
            if( x < 1 || x > 47 )
                printf( "\nThe number you are entering cannot be less than one, and no greater than forty-seven.\n\n" );
            else if( HasBeenAssigned( userArray, arraySize, x, i ) == x )
                printf( "\nPlease make sure the number you are entering has not already been assigned.\n\n" );
    When scanf reads a letter into x, though, it just loops endlessly. How can I detect if the value entered is a character, and then print something if it is?

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