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    string problem

    I have an issue with the file reading.

    for example ,we have a set of cards but before it, there is an int like:

    king of clubs
    six of clubs
    four of diamonds
    six of hearts
    four of hearts

    If I use fgets and fputs to read and print the file, what can I do so that I star reading and print from the second line( skip the line with 12)

    I called each line LINE and set a while loop

    while( 1 ) {/*while begins*/
    fgets(LINE, sizeof(LINE), fin);
    if ( feof(fin) ) /* check for EOF right after fgets() */
    fputs(LINE, fout);}
    I dont succeed to skip the first line I tried LINE+1 but it is an horizontal displacement..
    Can I have some suuggestions?

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    fgets( line, sizeof line, fin ); /* ignore the first line */
    while( fgets( line, sizeof line, fin ) != NULL )
        fputs( line, fout );
    Nice and clean, without all the crap.

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