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    Seg fault

    static char *list_parse_switch(char *l,char *o,struct options *s)
      char *nx = list_parse_item(l); int i;
      l = strltrim(l);
      for (i=0;i<s->n;i++)
          debug("%s %s\n",s->opts[i],l);
          if (strncmp(l,s->opts[i],strlen(s->opts[i]))==0) { *o = i+1; return(nx); }
      return(NULL); }
    I have located the bug in the IF statement which causes application to go SEG FAULT. Any advices on how to modify it, so it would work good?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Things you need to ensure;

    1) s,l, and o all point to valid objects (eg they are not NULL and point to an array or value as expected by this function)
    2) l AND s->opts[i] are zero terminated

    It is desirable that l is shorter than s->opts[i] (or the third argument to strcmp is the minimum of strlen(s->opts[i]) and strlen(l)).

    I'm sure there are other possibilities I've missed.

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    1. Try to format your code better.
    The trailing brace should be on a new line in column 1

    2. Try to avoid single letter identifiers - i is OK for loops, but everything else should have meaningful names. Lower case l and i, along with numeric 1 all in the same code make for especially difficult reading.

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