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    TYpe Conversion Problem

    I am writing a socket network program where the user can enter ADD 4 5 etc SUB 5 3, etc

    The user would enter it and it is stored into a char array and then sent to the server, the server needs to take it and convert/split it to string int int perform the function and return the result. For some reason the conversion to int is not working:

    (for testing purposed I have the server printing out the three splits of the sting)

    here is an example


    ADD 7 6


    ADD Num1: -107 Num2: 007

    Here is the server code where the conversion should take place, and suggestions, I thought I had all the converions performed correctly:

     char temp[4];
        int temp1, temp2;
        n = recv(ns, &buf, sizeof(buf), 0); 
        sscanf(buf, "%s %d %d",temp, &temp1, &temp2);
        if (temp[0] == 'A' && temp[1] == 'D' && temp [2] == 'D')
          write (1,"ADD",4);
        else if (temp[0] == 'B' && temp[1] == 'Y' && temp[2] == 'E')
        // Contine else if for SUB, MUL, DIV...
        write (1,temp,4);
        write(1," Num1: ",7);
        sprintf(temp, "%d", temp1);
        write (1,temp,4);
        write(1," Num2: ",7);
        sprintf(temp, "%d", temp2);
        send(ns, temp, sizeof(temp), 0);

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    > n = recv(ns, &buf, sizeof(buf), 0);
    I could be wrong but do you need the address operator (&) on buf? Maybe just:
        n = recv(ns, buf, sizeof(buf), 0);
    > sprintf(temp, "%d", temp1);
    > write (1,temp,4);
    And when you write out temp after an sprintf(), why not use strlen:
        sprintf(temp, "%d", temp1);
        write (1, temp, strlen(temp));
    Include <string.h> for strlen.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, but making those changes do not fix the problem

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    > char temp[4];
    There's no way you're fitting "ADD 7 6" in there.
    Even if you make the buffer large, you still need to take care of message fragmentation yourself.

    Something like
    while ( n = recv(ns, buf, sizeof(buf)-1, 0) ) > 0 ) {
      // append a \0 to make it a proper string
      buf[n] = '\0';
      // append the received substring to your result
      // if the result now contains a unique marker, say a \n
      // then you can quit this loop and do your sscanf

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