Thread: Telnet login detection?

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    Telnet login detection?

    I'm writing a simple telnetclient but need some ideas in how to detect the login prompt? When connecting to the server it sends out some informations which ends with a new line so they I can handle but after the server sends the login prompt it stays and waits for input. So how do I detect that the server has sent something and is waiting for input?

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    I'd suggest looking at the Telnet RFC (Request for Comments).

    Basically, as I understand it, a telnet connection (once established) is always waiting for input, whether it knows it or not, unless it's done a flow-control request to stop incomming data. If running in half duplex, it might be different.

    I don't remember, and I can't get at the RFCs or Google while I'm typing this reply.
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