Thread: sdl - suspend/resume thread

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    sdl - suspend/resume thread

    is there a way to suspend/resume a thread with the sdl functions (simple directmedia layer)?

    i need one thread to be able to suspend another one.

    thx in advance
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    Tell us why it needs to be suspended, might be able to come up with a better answer then.
    If any part of my post is incorrect, please correct me.

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    i just want the suspend and resume functionality from windows - and if possible with sdl.
    ive found source code for a suspend and resume function based on pthreads and signals - but that code is rather complicated (it works fine though). since i don't wanna mix pthread and sdl-threads i wonder if its possible to write these two routines using sdl functions.

    on second thought, i guess such s/r functions wouldnt be that safe anyway.
    like forcing a thread to suspend in a critical state (e.g. after it locked some resource) may cause unwanted behaviour.

    so i guess s/r should be more something like a hint to another thread - and the other thread should decide when its safe to suspend (instead of being forced to).

    i guess i just want s/r for completeness
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