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    looping do while

    Hey guys im having trouble returning to the top of the do while loop if an invalid entry is been entered.. It keeps falling out could someone help me please?

    #define FALSE 0
    #define TRUE  1
            fgets(buff, BUFF_SIZE, stdin);
            *month = atoi(buff); /** ascii to integer conversion**/
    	if(*month >0 && *month <12)
    	   printf("Valid month entry\n");
    	   return TRUE;
    	   printf("Invalid month entry\n");
    	   return FALSE;
           /* getting rid of the newline char the enter key when
    	   running the program*/
    	/*locate newline in buff [a][b][\n]*/ 
    	/**month = strlen(buff) -1;*/
    	/* check if it is a newline char*/
    	 /*if(buff[*month] == '\n') 
    	   buff[*month] = '\0'; 
    	 }  */
    	 /* change it to null end of array[a][b][\0]*/
       while(*month<0 && *month>12);

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    Post the code you tried, without half of it being commented out.

    I see a lot of *month being dereferenced, but without any context to it, for all I know you're just trashing uninitialised pointers.

    > It keeps falling out could someone help me please?
    Well you never get there anyway
    Both your if and else contain return, so there's no way you're executing the rest of the code no matter what you do.

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