Thread: loop and compiling inside a code

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    loop and compiling inside a code

    I've been studying C some weeks for now, and now I'd like to write a little program with it. (I've had quite a lot of experience with QB, Visual Basic and Delphi years ago, but now I picked up C as a course in my univ.)
    Anyway I decided to code a little 'game'.

    The game is of coding.

    	printf("Tehtävä 1: Ohjelmoi 'Hello World' tervehdys, kun olet valmis paina *\n\n");
    	FILE *tiedosto;
    	char hw[255];
    the idea is to open the helloworld.txt and allow user to write there. Then it should compile and run the code and compare the result to desired result.

    First of all... I just can't make the loop work here... (it should allow user to write lines until user inputs *) also, i've noidea how to compile and run a code inside a code :P

    So any ideas? Should I scrap my code and try something else?

    (And if someone need information what os/compiler I use, Win XP sp2, Borland Developer Studio 2006)
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    First of all, fflush(stdin) is not appropriate as it's undefined. You cannot rely in fflush() on input devices.

    Second, what loop? I see no loop here. No for, no while, no do/while.

    Third, gets() is a very dangerous function to use. use fgets() instead. It limits the input so you won't overrun your input buffer and wipe out memory that you should not overwrite.
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    Well that code is a mess so i'll try and highlight what you want to
    do with it:

    i've noidea how to compile and run a code inside a code :P
    what i think you mean by this is to create a function of your own
    that does what you want (by saying compile a code within a code
    it appears that you want main to call the function, in the same
    manner as calling printf does stuff)

    void tehtava1();  /*you need to have a return type, void, int etc*/
    int main (void)
           /*local variable declarations*/
           tehtava1(); /*This is where your function is called -  the code it contains is executed*/
           return 0;
    void tehtava1()
           /*Here you define what the function does, ie your attempt at coding above*/
    For more info on functions follow this link to the tutorial

    now i'll go through your code and show the rest of whats wrong:

    tehtava1()	/*Needs a return type as already mentioned*/
    	clrscr(); 	/*use of a non-standard function, this is defined in conio.h so if you
    			dont have that, it won't work*/
    	printf("Tehtävä 1: Ohjelmoi 'Hello World' tervehdys, kun olet valmis paina *\n\n");
    	FILE *tiedosto;
    	char hw[255];
    	tiedosto=fopen("c:/temp/helloworld.txt","w"); 	/*No error checking to see 
    							whether the file was opened 
    							correctly, fopen returns NULL 
    							if the file couldn't be opened -
    							look into it*/
    	fflush(stdin); /*already explained by WaltP*/
    	{ 	/*no point in having these here -  i think this  
    		may be where you were trying to put the loop*/
    	gets(hw); /*as above WaltP*/
    	} 	/*poor indentation - not critical fault with program but its bad 
    		style as good indentation can improve debugging the code*/
    No No's:
    fflush (stdin); gets (); void main ();

    Example of fgets (); The FAQ, C/C++ Reference

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